The Film
Production Team
Technical Information

The Film

This documentary Tricky Bidness started filming in the summer of 2009 in Arcata, California. The small city is a progressive college town in Humboldt County, California, the heartland of American marijuana.

There has been a long history and acceptance of growing marijuana in this region, but this pot-friendly town has come to recognize that its biggest unregulated industry has some unexpected consequences.

Tricky Bidness is a thoughtful, hometown look at the complexities of marijuana, culturally, legally and personally from the people who have lived with it in their community for over 40 years.

Production Team

Filmmaker Lynne CanningFilmmaker Lynne Canning has spent most of her life as a political activist and community organizer. She was drawn to Arcata in the early 80's for its natural beauty, nestled into Arcata Bay with the ocean and dunes to one side and the forest as a backdrop. Lynne fell in love with Arcata's community spirit and progressive approach to dealing with complex issues, and served as a Planning Commissioner and City Councilor from 1988-1994.  She is currently attending law school at the University of New Mexico.

Filmmaker JoAnn SchuchFilmmaker JoAnn Schuch has been a resident of Humboldt County since 1989 where she has worked as a custom woodworker, designer, and community activist. The catalyst for making this first-time-ever documentary was witnessing the changes wrought by the explosion of marijuana grow houses in Arcata. She does not recommend learning Final Cut Pro only from books.

Narrator Peter BuckleyNarrator Peter Buckley, once a resident of Arcata, now represents south Jackson County in the Oregon House of Representatives. He was first elected in 2004 following an over 20-year career as a director, writer, actor, and producer in west coast regional theatre, which included many years with the Dell'Arte International School in Blue Lake, California. He has been a House co-chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, the Legislature's budget writing committee since December of 2008. Peter lives in Ashland, with his wife, Joan Langley, who is the education director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


Editor Diana J. BrodieEditor Diana J. Brodie has been editing professionally for 23 years and solely as a freelance editor for the past 13 years. She has edited everything from Corporate Videos to Feature Documentaries to Reality Shows (both in San Francisco and Los Angeles) and has cut for a number of networks.

When Diana is not editing she can be found juggling, playing poker, watching TV, reading, and napping, not necessarily in that order

Assistant Editor Mattheus DahlbergAssistant Editor Mattheus Dahlberg moved around a fair amount but never took root until moving to San Francisco. On the east coast he studied Electrical Engineering, followed by Education on the west coast, and he has worked for the University of California for the past 10 years. A previous video collaboration with friends Patricia Moreira and Amy Little resulted in the 8-minute documentary short title "Volunteer" (about volunteering at the Frameline Film Festival), which screened at the 25th Anniversary San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in 2001. Mattheus also met his husband at the Frameline Film Festival in 1999; more recently they have become uncles to several children in their lives.

Technical Information

This was a very low budget endeavor. We used the Canon HV30 with an adapter for the microphone connections. The 2009 camera had tape cassettes, not SD cards. The editing was done on Final Cut 7. Here is the rest of the equipment we used.

  • Canon Vixia HV30A cameraCamera and mics used for Tricky Bidness
  • JuicedLink CX231 mixer
  • Audio-Technical AT875R microphone
  • Azden WM-Pro wireless transmitter
  • Azden WR-Pro wireless receiver
  • Lavolier microphone Azden model EX-503

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