1) What is that song?

It's the funny and true All My Friends (Grow Marijuana) by local Arcata band Peeping Thomas. Their album is available from Amazon

2) Are you for or against legalizing marijuana?

We're for what's being called "sensible regulation" by the Marijuana Policy Project, but also know that the devil is in the details. The amount of money and energy being wasted on the Drug War is appalling and there are  a disproportionate number of people of color who are currently in prison for drug offenses. Just like with alcohol Prohibition, black markets primarily benefit a few, so legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana like we do alcohol and tobacco may be the right approach.

3) Why didn't you address outdoor grows more?

That would require another movie.

4) Why didn't you address the effects of pot being widely available to kids in Arcata?

Again ... that would be a whole other movie. There is a really serious issue with local kids starting to smoke marijuana very early. It is available at home through other kids, or through ripping off growers. It would be great to have another movie made about the issue.

5) Pot is not that harmful, why didn't you talk to ordinary people who smoke it recreationally?

We tried to get upright citizens with regular jobs to speak about their use of marijuana. But even with our promise of anonymity there was so much fear of the repercussions if they would do it.

6) Why didn't you talk to larger growers?

See above. We know of some third generation marijuana growers, they were very, very, reluctant to speak on camera.

7) What does "Bidness" mean?

It's hip-hop slang. "Bidness" has been defined as:

a) the opposite of legitimate business

b) a street hustle, or a shady and mostly illegal business

c) dealings that aren't exactly "street legal."

8) What Happened with the "shootout" mentioned in the movie?

That event happened in 2009 when we were filming most of the interviews. Two young men from the San Francisco bay area tried to steal 14 pounds of marijuana from a grower in McKinleyville. They used an AK-47 and a .45 caliber pistol during the robbery.

After the growers call the cops (yes, local police will protect a grower in cases like this!), there was a high speed chase on California State Route 299, ending when one of the robbers shot the other and then himself.

Read the article.

9) What happened with Arcata's Excessive Energy Use Tax?

Aimed at reducing marijuana grow houses in the City of Arcata, citizens passed Measure I in November 2012.  This initiated a tax on residences that consume electricity way, way over an overage residential house.  When the law was written in 2011, there were 633 houses in Arcata racking up over 400% of normal electrical use.

As this tax went into effect November 2013, that number had dropped to just 96 houses over-consuming electricity.

Read the full article at the link.

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